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14-Mar-07 - 03:37 AM
Thread Name: virtuosity and traditional music
Subject: RE: virtuosity and traditional music
A little information about James Galway.
from his auto biography,Iwas sent to joe Mcadorey for flute lessons,Joe taught the onward flute band.we would sit around the table and Joe would sing the music to me.Then i would ask him to play the piece for me.He was quite nippy on the fluteand really impressed me,very good with his tongueing and with a special way of attacking the notes which I thought was very good.Most of the Belfast players had a very sluggish approach-but his attack was clean and crisp and I think I learned something there that I still retain to this day.
Shortly after I joined the band we entered the flute melody section of the Flute Band Competitions, a big event in what you might call the Ulster folk music calendar.
Galway,s style was influenced by his first teacher,a folk musician,he was playing traditonal /folk music before he became a classical musician.
Galways breath control is something all wind players should emulate,a common fault among mediocre traditional musicians,particuarly whistle players is taking a breath in the middle of a musical phrase,Galway never does this., a classic example of good technique enhancing the music.
I heard Galway playing The Boys OF Bluehill with another player on an old Nicholas Carolan recording,the two styles did not gel the other player played in a flowing legato style,which was very pleasant but was hardly dotted.Galway played in a dotted articulated style,which in my opinion[I have been playing for thirty years,Scottish Irish and English dance music]was more suitable for dancing solo slow hornpipes,and pattern dances like Belfast Duck, than the other player.