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Posted By: Jean(eanjay)
14-Mar-07 - 03:17 PM
Thread Name: Songs about Whitby??!
Subject: RE: Songs about Whitby??!
The Whitby Lad
Son oh son what have you done
You're bound for Botany Bay

Now come all you wild and you reckless youths wherever that you be
I would have you quit night-walking and shun bad company
And it's

I was born and bred in Whitby town and raised up honestly
Until I became a sporting lad which proved my destiny
And it's

I broke into some lady's house about the hour of three
Two peelers stood behind the door and they got quick hold of me

It bein' at the March assizes the judge to me did say
Now the jury has found you guilty, lad, you must go to Botany Bay
And it's

Oh to see me aged father a-trembling at the bar
Likewise my own dear mother, she 's a-tearing her grey hair

It bein' on the twenty-third of March from England bore away
And as we sailed down the Humber we heard the sailors there

Second chorus:
Boys oh boys there are no joys
Down there in Botany Bay

Now there is a girl in Whitby town, a girl I love so well
And if ever I get me liberty it's with her I will dwell
And it's