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Posted By: gnomad
15-Mar-07 - 03:14 AM
Thread Name: Songs about Whitby??!
Subject: RE: Songs about Whitby??!
The Whitby Maid is even about pubs, to some extent. Sorry, don't know its origin.

There was a maid in Whitby town, she was both fair and clever,
And she would sit by her father's door, no matter what the weather,
And a sailor coming home from sea, his pockets overflowing,
He saw the maiden sitting there, quietly with her sewing.

Blow away you northern winds, blow away so cruelly,
But none so cruel as a pretty maid, for they'll deceive you surely.

Won't you come along with me? My Bonny, Oh my Honey,
And we'll go down to Whitby town and spend a little money."
My Father he would not agree, 't would be against his wishing,"
But with a twinkle in her eye she says "But he's gone fishing."

This couple's gone to Whitby town, and soon were making merry,
At every tavern in the town they spent a little money,
The night came down, the stars came out, the lady says "My sailor,
Oh won't you come back home with me, I feel I must repay you?"

They went back home and went upstairs, the maid turns down the covers,
Saying "Come to bed my sailor boy, let's you and I be lovers."
And the sailor jumped out of his clothes, no faster than he ought to,
When the door broke down, a man came in crying
"Who's this with my daughter?"

The sailor through the window's leaped, and to the ship's gone running,
And he's left behind his coat, his watch, and the best part of his money,
The Father with his daughter's gone down to the kitchen table,
And they've shared the sailor's money out as quick as they were able.

The Father's gone to buy new boots, and a new suit from the tailor's,
And the daughter to the door has gone, to wait and watch for sailors.