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Posted By: Rogers
15-Mar-07 - 02:38 PM
Thread Name: Changing the tone of my mandolin
Subject: Changing the tone of my mandolin
I currently have a Fender FM-63S mandolin. It is Japanese made, and plays fairly OK. It is made of all solid woods, but the low end (the bass) is lacking. I have put on a solid African blackwood bridge, and a Monteleone style tailpiece. These have added to the volume and the sustain, but the low end is still not what I'd like. I'm after that big, fat bluegrass "chunk" sound. I would just replace the thing, but it was a gift, and has sentimental value. I know that decreasing the size of the f-holes will lower the resonance of the sound chamber, but I haven't figured out a good way of doing that (without disassembly). Anybody have any ideas for getting more bass out of the thing?