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Posted By: GUEST,Jeff
16-Mar-07 - 09:41 AM
Thread Name: Changing the tone of my mandolin
Subject: RE: Changing the tone of my mandolin
Have seen and played Eastmans and agree...much mando for the money. Don't have any experience w/WP customer service, I just have been impressed w/t combo of price, punch and playability.

"...if you visit the Mandolin cafe it's full of people...etc. Guilty. He's right, it wont work. Though my mandolin's tone improved a great deal and is a great recording instrument it doesn't and wont ever sound like a pre-WW2 Gibson.

There are some great sounding Pac-Rim mandolins made in the mid 1970's. Alvarez, Aria and Washburn are three that come to mind. Most of the time they're in the 450-1200US price range. Most pro players scorned them at the time(same w/t guitars , banjos, etc.), but I would tone test them against any of the Gibson's of the era. You may want to investigate them as an option when/if you decide to upgrade. They're 30+ years old and most of those I've seen have aged very well and the workmanship is amazing for mass produced instruments.

BTW, tried the maple bridge thing and while it did improve the volume somewhat the incongruity of the appearance prompted me to investigate a solid ebony bridge. Overall, spending about 200US to improve the tone of a 500US mandolin. It was a total learning process, but would recommend to others not to waste time/money. Save up and get the one that 'barks' to your immediate satisfaction. You'll know it when you hear it because you wont want to put it back. THAT'S the one.