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Posted By: Spot
16-Mar-07 - 10:29 AM
Thread Name: Changing the tone of my mandolin
Subject: RE: Changing the tone of my mandolin
          ok - Wegens are good for me because

      1. I like them..
      2. My wifes like them..
      3. They feel like a well used pick fron the start..
      4. I can easily find the white ones when I drop them..
      5. I like them...
      6. They are tonally delightful..
      7. See MandoTims comments..
      8. Read them again!!
      9. I really like them....

   Eric... I'm afraid the "status" bit is bollocks!!   :-)

(BTW- My Gil never gets flaunted - I'm too modest!!)

If you've never tried one, PM me!!!

       Hope this clears up any probs!!   :-)

                        Regards to alll...Spot