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Posted By: Geoff Wallis
17-Mar-07 - 02:24 PM
Thread Name: virtuosity and traditional music
Subject: RE: virtuosity and traditional music
Captain, you're going from the sublime to the ridiculous!

True, there are well defined regional styles of fiddle playing and it would take a very deaf ear not to appreciate the differences between, say, Donegal's and Kerry's. The same proposition would apply, for instance, to flute players from Sligo and those from Dublin (unless imbued in the North Connacht style). Uilleann piping is a different kettle of fish altogether and shouldn't be considered under a regional styles heading.

However, I'm utterly puzzled by your suggestion that similar stylistic differences apply to other instruments and their players. There are various nuances which can be employed during the playing of any of the other (largely) mechanical instruments which configure Irish music. For instance, I'd be very much interested to know why you believe that different regional whistling styles can be detected.

I'll give you an example. Both Jackie Daly and Joe Burke play the button accordion, but their individuality is only partly defined by the instruments they play (even considering the distinction between JB's B/C preference and Jackie's C#/D), but by the tunes they're playing and said tunes origins.

So you reckon James Galway's style is valid? On whose terms?

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