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Posted By: Rowan
17-Mar-07 - 05:02 PM
Thread Name: virtuosity and traditional music
Subject: RE: virtuosity and traditional music
"So you reckon James Galway's style is valid? On whose terms?"

"Validity" would appear to be a curious concept in this context. The style either exists or doesn't exist. If you're questioning whether Galway's style is purely personal or whether it is part of a regional style the notion of validity may well be invalid, so to speak. "On whose terms?" seems to beg a question of whose referencing system is applicable and I hope it doesn't come down to an assertion of "mine's better than yours".

Galway's playing seems to appeal to me less than Mary Bergin's does but that's a purely personal taste matter; Mary happens to play in the style of Barb Scott, a friend with whom I plated for many years and I find it pleasing but that says nothing objective about Galway's playing style. Those more familiar than I with music in Ulster may (or may not) comment on whether Galway's playing fits within a regional style. Would their "terms" convince you?

While I find Dick's writing on Mudcat takes getting used to, I suspect it's because he types a lot faster than I can and he doesn't place as high a value on my plodding approach to grammar as I do, especially if it gets in the way of quick communication.

Cheers, Rowan