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Posted By: Songster Bob
17-Mar-07 - 11:43 PM
Thread Name: Changing the tone of my mandolin
Subject: RE: Changing the tone of my mandolin
You put a new bridge on it, I see, but you say it is solid wood. Does it have any holes in it? I have heard a theory that mando bridges, just like fiddle ones, should have a hole under each course, so that there is no direct path from string to instrument top. Picture a fiddle bridge, and you will see that there is a hole that pretty much matches each string, so there is no direct coupling from string to top. I use a two-post adjustable bridge, so there's definitely no direct path, but if you have one of those solid, non-adjustable bridges, like old Gibson A-models had, you may get some improvement in sound with holes under the strings.

Of course, you may also turn the whole thing to shite and waste your money for a new bridge, but I have heard this theory and it seems to make sense, and is subscribed to by several players I've read about.

It's a thought.

As for changing the sound-hole size, you can put masking tape across part of the holes to see if there's enough change, and if so, find a way to do the same without using tape. How, I don't know (I can envision hard felt plugs, or rubber one, held in place by plugging the round holes on the end of the "f" holes, but Lord help you if the plug falls inside the instrument!). Good luck.