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Posted By: aussiebloke
19-Mar-07 - 03:51 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Tarpaulin Jacket
Subject: ADD Version: Charlotte the Harlot
Offensive lyric alert:
As learned in the school ground Melbourne circa 60's

Charlotte the Harlot

Charlotte the harlot lay dying
A piss-pot supporting her head
Two poofters around her were crying
As she rose on her left tit and said:

I've been fu**ed by the Japs and the Germans
I've been raped by the Krauts and the Jews
Now I've come o'er to sunny Australia
To be fu**ed by some red kangaroos

The PC parody mentioned in my post above goes:
(Words strung together with hyphens need to be sung very fast)

Charlotte the oppressed-sex-worker lay dying
A receptacle-for-urine-that-goes-under-the-bed supporting her head
Two heterosexually-challenged-individuals around her were crying
As she rose on her left-mammary-protuberance and said

That is as far as I got, and that was probably too far anyway...

Cheers all