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Posted By: Grab
19-Mar-07 - 06:12 AM
Thread Name: Review: The Shane McGowan Story on TV
Subject: RE: Review: The Shane McGowan Story on TV
Sorry, I don't think he's a genius. He *was* a decent songwriter but not a genius IMO, and he pissed even that away. And I don't think he was ever worth a damn as a singer - he was just another punk shouting down a mic. Like the Sex Pistols, the only "genius" on display was for self-publicity.

Assuming it's the programme I'm thinking of, I saw this when it was first on. They did the most devastating thing imaginable - showed what he *actually* sounded like singing. They played his latest song (big production values, all the bells and whistles) whilst showing him in the studio, then cut straight to a direct recording of him. The direct recording showed that he was utterly unable to do more than croak in time on a monotone, and the singing in the final production was 100% the work of the studio engineers.