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Posted By: Áine
23-Mar-00 - 05:35 PM
Thread Name: Song writing questions
Subject: RE: Song writing questions
Amos -- Boy, do you know how to suck up or what?? And don't be fooled folks, DH (Dear Hubby) loves Amos' songs as much as I do...

M.Ted -- I think it's great that you write everyday. Keep on exercising that songwriter's muscle! And thank you for putting me in the same company as my dear Amos -- it keeps him humble, don't ya know.

As far as being competitive, I write my songs for myself first, then the outside world. Now, that doesn't mean that I accept less from myself; probably the opposite. I do want folks to like what I've done, after the song has past the rigourous self-test, of course. Then, there are those songs that one is simply compelled to write and 'competition' and 'choice' are completely overshadowed . . . you know the ones I'm talking about; the ones that come from gut. And usually, those are my favorite ones.

-- Áine