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Posted By: Bob Bolton
20-Mar-07 - 12:23 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Tarpaulin Jacket
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Wrap me up in my tarpaulin jacket????
G'day aussiebloke,

Somewhere in the muddy depths I have posted the version of Charlotte the Harlot I learned in the '50s - in Sydney. My verse only varies by one word: "... lying" at the end of the 3rd line instead of "... crying" (although I do seem to remember "...three poofters..." - but my chorus sounds rather older ... post WW1, rather than post WW2:

          I've been fu**ed by the League of all Nations,
          The Irish, the Scotch and the Jew -
          Now I've have come to Australia,
          To be fu**ed by some (three...?) bastards like you.

I'm also intrigued to note that your Melbourne version has the same illogical association of "poofters" with the infamous harlot that now puzzles me. I guess we weren't so worldly... back then - at that age - but I had thought that aspect might be a local abberation to my neighbourhood.