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Posted By: catspaw49
20-Mar-07 - 09:21 PM
Thread Name: The Hand Injury
Subject: RE: The Hand Injury
Thank you Don.

When I wrote you the other day it was with the hope that you would post exactly what you have. Many of us have known the basics of your story but there have been times like with Spot where I wanted the tale straight from the horse's mouth. In your case that might be the wrong end but what the hell......(;<))

What we now have here is a place I can bookmark for when the next "Spot" comes along. If you miss the thread, no problem, the words are here as is the strength you have shown. This is a fine story of what desire can do and of course that works on more than one level. But at it's root it tells other instrumentalists that a surprising amount of skill can return if you both want it and are willing to work hard and believe in yourself. Honesty in yourself and the willingness to go around what you can't get through are life lessons for anyone. Lord knows this wasn't just a stroll on the beach for you.

Mr. Meixner I am proud to know you and once again, thanks for coming through for us all.