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24-Mar-00 - 08:35 AM
Thread Name: Song writing questions
Subject: RE: Song writing questions
Really worthwhile insights here -- anyone who laments the "good old days" in the Mudcat might get some renewed enthusiasm out of this thread. McGrath, the Dylan quote is a gem; always loved his wit. Also, I agree absolutely with your advice about it being perfectly acceptable to go with half-rhymes and sort-of rhymes, as long as the words have a "conversational" aspect that flows naturally with the rhythm of the song. And your tip about putting the more awkward word first in the rhyme scheme really works; this has been in my bag of tricks for a long time, and it has made a lot of my songs sound less contrived than they might otherwise.

M.Ted, I love what you did with lines from other people's messages; I know it was semi tongue in cheek, but it shows what can be done. And Eluned, I've been carrying a cheap Dictaphone around with me for a long time. The thing warbles and and wobbles and generally sounds awful, but it memorializes what I've done so I don't have to rely on my dwindling and overtaxed brain cells. Great ideas all.