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Posted By: The Fenian
28-Jan-98 - 08:17 AM
Thread Name: The Bricklayer's Song
Subject: RE: The Bricklayer's Song
The best version of the song i have heard is by the Dubliner's and it was referred to as the Sick Note. Definitly an excellent song. There is another song by men of no Property or the Battering Ram and I don't know the name of it that goes to the same tune as this song. The first verse goes like this. "Oh I'm the man the slimy man who listens at your door, For I belong to the R.U.C. and that't what I'm paid for, If your singin' songs of protest or against the third world war, I'll put your name in me book and by hook or by crook I'll say that your done for."

I refer to it as "The man From the R.U.C. but if anybody knows different please tell me.