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Posted By: HipflaskAndy
29-Mar-07 - 02:04 PM
Thread Name: Songs about Whitby??!
Subject: RE: Songs about Whitby??!
Well, actually, I hope not Nutty!
The lyric above (and tune that goes with it) is mine!
Written a few years back - I took your post to mean Vin had a different song about it!
Naturally - the words would cover the same subject matter.
If he is doing mine, grand!
But I reckon it's likely another song altogether.
(Would love him to do any of mine actually! - hah! Nearly happened one time!)

It's reminded me of other anecdotes actually - sorry for thread creep!
I went to be guest all t' way down to Leigh-on-sea - sat waiting my turn to do the first set
and a floorsinger did a song based on the 'Floating Brothel' book about first women convicts
sent to Australia - dammit if my opening song was to be my own song on the subject!!!
Floored me (ouch) to say the least!

Then m' old oppo Tom (Bliss) - simultaneously it seems - wrote a song based on one of two Lady pirates from English history
that were 'linked' (shall we say) - without knowing that elsewhere I'd come up with one about the other lass!
(Tom's on Ann Bonney, mine on Mary Read).

Spooky? May be - but I'm now developing a nervous tic!
Cheers - Duncan