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Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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The Absolutely Fantastic Adventure of Brave Sir Amos, Knight of the Table Round and Sans Pur et Sans Reproache, (cont'd.)

The dragon did its mouth agape
The brave Sir Amos to entape
With its tongue, all slimy spit
Envenomed like the Devil's pit!
But brave Sir Amos stood his ground
Amidst the flames that danced around
His armor pure, but slightly scorched
By dragon's breath and forward marched
E'en unto the dragons head
And hacked it off and then he said
"Fair maiden I you this present
As token of my pure intent."
She cried, she shrieked, away did faint,
Her visage fair did look like paint
Of palest hue or whitewash pure
But her lips of crimson quite a lure
And brave Sir Amos kissed these
Again and again, like tasting cheese,
He could could nay stop, he could nay quit,
'Til damsel woke and took a fit
"Oh evil one, who my virtue took,
Now do the Right Thing, by The Book!
Now marry me within the month,
Or Daddy's gonna

(This enormous epic will be continued later)

         -- The Epic Of Sir Amos, from "The
         Incompleat Manuscript Works of Geoffy Chaucer"
         (Bawdylian Library, Rayon Herkimer Mss.)