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Posted By: catspaw49
25-Mar-00 - 07:55 PM
Thread Name: AmishAussie Pitcfork MoustacheTuner
Subject: RE: AmishAussie Pitcfork MoustacheTuner
First, Fly-By-Nite has a fine guarantee. If you send back the product unused, we'll send back any of your money which WE have not used. Hard to beat something like that isn't it? Additionally, our Limited Warranty is as good as you ever get on any product. Fly-By-Nite states that every Amish Australian Pitchfork Moustache Tuner is free from defects associated with the materials and workmanship and is limited only by our intent to ignore all attempts by the customer to point out such defects and by our commitment to burn all such correspondence. Should there come a time that Fly-By-Nite does acknowledge such problems, they will be covered by our 50/50 warranty.....50 feet from the point of manufacture or 50 seconds, whichever comes first.

Please see the Mudcat Auction for photo details.