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02-Apr-07 - 11:38 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Regional expressions
Subject: RE: Folklore: Regional expressions
Azizi: I wonder if you've got 'copacetic' quite right ... I wasn't sure from your post whether you actually heard and possibly used the word itself, or whether your experience with it is more from reading. If you know it from direct experience, then maybe the meaning is slightly different in different places.

I have not known 'copacetic' to mean "bad, mean ... ", etc. It was much more 'cool' in the last sense you were talking about: all right, okay, all set up and ready to go, in order .... Usually in reference to some situation that had the potential to be problematic but, according to the speaker of the word, was at present and for the foreseeable future all right. Everything's cool; everything's copacetic ...

"[Have you noticed that often when Black slang is picked up by White folks, Black folks retire it and move on to some other terms?]"

You don't think, do you, that Black folks have the fallacious apprehension that White folks are not extremely hip, cool, groovy and/or all that? If so, they have not seen me all gussied-up heading off to the square-dance on a Saturday night. Well, Saturday afternoon, really ...