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Posted By: Azizi
03-Apr-07 - 12:06 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Regional expressions
Subject: RE: Folklore: Regional expressions

me use 'copacetic?' Naw. That wouldn't be cool at all. That would mean that I was an old head -which I am, but I try to stay current with the lingo yaknowhatimean?

But seriously though, I can't recall ever using the word 'copacetic' in spoken conversation. My ex-husband was a jazz musician. I also don't recall hearing him or his musician friends use that word either unless they were purposely using a 'back in the day' word for one reason or another. My point is that I don't think that copacietic was regularly used as were words like 'hip' and 'cool' and 'dig it' and 'right on!' and 'siddity' and a host of other slang terms.

I thought that copacetic meant that things were okay, alright, in order. But that website whose link I provide 'said' it meant excellent, which I interprete to be more than cool.

Maybe it did {does?} mean that sometimes somewhere.

And, meself, with regard to your last comment, you mean you got it goin on? You mean you're hip to the jive, mellow, cool, groovy, bad, fly, mean, dynamite, the bomb?

Good on you!

Right on with your bad self!

But a square dance, uhn?

Well, I hear tell square dances can be lots of fun. But truth be told, I've had no experience what so ever square dancing, either on a Saturday night or Saturday afternoons.

But it's all good. I mean it's cool. Really it is, square business.



Meself, I've enjoyed this exchange.

Catch you later!