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Posted By: Flash Company
03-Apr-07 - 10:28 AM
Thread Name: Origins: I'm Asking You Sergeant, Where's Mine?
Sang this a few times as follows......

Oh I'm lying in bed, I'm in room twenty six
And I'm thinking o' things that I've done,
Like drinkin' wi' squaddies , an' bullin' my boots
And counting the medals I've won,
These hospital wards are all wierd looking joints,
Thouh the ceilings as much as I see,
It would do we a wee touch o' paint here an'there,
But then again, maybe that's me.

Ch Oh Sergeant is this the adventure you meant,
When I first signed my name on the line,
You Talked o' computers and Sunshine and skis,
Well I'm asking you. Sergeant, Where's mine?

I've a brother in Glasgow wi' long curly hair,
When I joined up he said I was daft
Oh he said shootin strangers just wasnae his style,
An' that brother o' mine he's no saft.
But I can put up wi' most things I've done in my life,
I can even put up wi' the pain,
But what do you do wi' the gun in your hand,
When you're faced wi' a hundred, all bairns?


I used to muck about with it a bit to involve parts of the Farewell to Sicily tune, but I don't think the basic melody on which this is based is the same. I believe Hamish Henderson said that Farewell to Sicily was based on an old pipe tune, but maybe I'm wrong, it's a long time since I read the book

Brian Q