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Posted By: Stringsinger
03-Apr-07 - 05:39 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Regional expressions
Subject: RE: Folklore: Regional expressions
Kat, thanks so much!

Missed the thread but it sure is a good one! Got lots of wonderful ones. The best, though is where people said they heard them.

Adding to the list: from those who grew up in Los Angeles area, San Bernadino is prounounced "San Berdoo".

People in "Frisco" used to correct you, "That's the City of San Francisco".

For those from across the Pond, can you please tell me regionally where and when the term "Argy-bargy" started?

Have you heard the term "runnin' on empty"? (self-explanatory from the car culture.

A crazy motor cyclist in LA was known as a "squirrel".

A great Black expression I heard in the Watts area was "Easy, greasy, you got a long way to slide". (Relax)

If you're "Blowin' smoke" in Texas, you're "All hat and no cattle".

Kat, we probably go on for years but I loved the stuff from the colloquial thread and I'd like to hear more.

Frank Hamilton