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Posted By: Áine
26-Mar-00 - 02:01 PM
Thread Name: Song writing questions
Subject: RE: Song writing questions
Upon reflection, and Kevin's response, I figured that asking the question without providing the lyrics was kinda dumb. So, here they are, with the chords (as they stand now): It's in 4/4 time, BTW.

If(C) I let you fly(Em) away,
If(C) I let you go (Em),
Where will you(Am) be tomor(F)row,
Will I know(C), will I know(D)?

Win(C)ter has come(D7) and gone(C),
The redbird has found(D7) her nest(Am),
But it's time(D) for you(C) to tra(G)vel,
And it's best(Em), yes(D7) it's best(Am)

In(C) a world that's new(D7) to you(C),
But is so old(D7) to me(Am),
Will the road(D) that leads(C) away(G),
Bring you back(Em) again(D7) to me(Am),


I(C) have held you in(D7) my arms(C),
Now's the time to set(D7) you free(Am),
Will the world(D) set you(C) on high(G),
Or will it bring(Em) you to(D7) your knees(Am)?

There(C) you go with just(D7) a wave(C),
Down the road, your back(D7) to me(Am),
Not a tear(D), no sign(C) or sor(G)row,
Walking tall(Em), a man(D7) to be(Am).