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Posted By: Mike Miller
06-Apr-07 - 09:32 AM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger: Nobel Peace -Updated-deadline Feb1!
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger: Nomination for Nobel Peace
The cause of peace is so important that we should recognise the difference between sincere commitment (Seeger) and accomplishment (Ralph Bunch). Whether we like it or not, those in positions of power are most able to shape policy and determine the peace. Pete has never been in a position that allowed him that power. Anwar Sadat was. So was MLK. So is Rep. Murtha and, so will be whoever gets us out of this silly occupation in Iraq.
Pete Seeger is what he is, an important folksinger and leftist symbol. But, if one's politics are the determining factor for Nobel Peace prizes, I would, sooner, vote for Studs Terkel or Harry Golden.
The Nobel Prize is not awarded for sincerety or intent. It is given to recognise accomplishment. Thus, a Kissinger, who kept us mired in Vietnam, gets a Nobel for getting us out.(I know that sounds illogical but, let's face it, Pete Seeger, whose hands were unsoiled by the "Big Muddy" could not have done that).