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09-Apr-07 - 03:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Last pit pony dies
Subject: RE: BS: Last pit pony dies
A song wriiten by Steve Harrison who sings with a UK four piece called Quartz.

Endless Working Days

In a world where there's no Summer no warming sunshine's rays
In a world where there's no Winter no snowflakes on my face
No gentle spring, no Autumn winds no luscious grass to graze
No babbling brook to drink from just Endless Working days.

The year is 1892, I'm young with spirits high
My home a meadow by the fields of barley, corn and rye
But Master's sold me to the men, who own the new coal mine.
And now I'm sentenced to a life, among the dust and grime.

Now I'm put in harness, pulling coal tubs from the seam
Those long lost days of Summer, well now there just a dream,
My coat is scarred and dirty, the light fades in my eye
I hope to be released one day, I hope before I die.

Though I'm old and weary, the work gets harder still
I'm longing to be back, in that meadow by the mill
They say they've now got engines, to pull the tubs of coal
And soon I'll be released from, this underground hell hole.

Now at last the day's arrived, my shackles they have gone
I'm taken to the pit-head, my working days are done.
I can feel the breeze of Autumn, smell the harvest of the fields
I'm going to my meadow, to end my days in peace.

To a world where there's a Summer with warming sunshine's rays
A world where there's a Winter with snowflakes on my face
The gentle spring, the Autumn winds, with luscious grass to graze,
a babbling brook to drink from until my dying day.