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Posted By: Amos
27-Mar-00 - 01:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: You Love Your Computer More Than Me!
Subject: RE: BS: You Love Your Computer More Than Me!
Well, my on line life is rich and varied with a wide range of compassionate, erudite, witty, articulate and disparate points of view, all coming together on the monitor.

BBW, my acronym for Best Beloved wife, on the other hand, has one (usually) point of view, which is also wiity, erudite, articulate, and often compassionate too! So its comparable, except that she is but one voice. And my online life is scores of voices of similar caliber. So I can see where it could be a problem.

But as the lioness said when mocked by the whelping hyena -- yes, it is only one. But that one is a lion.

And sad though I would be, if it came to a fork in the road, I would be off-line in half a minute and my cable modem sold at a swap meet. And BBW knows it too. But it is not a problem because she spends as much time on her own online life as I on mine. I was worried about not spending enoug tme with Barky, but then she joined the Cat too. Smart kid.