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Posted By: Azizi
10-Apr-07 - 03:03 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: 'Til the Storm Passes By (Mosie Lister)
Subject: RE: Till the Storm Passes Over (Hymn)
Using the same key words "encourage my soul and let us journey on"
I also found this google cache article of the file

Here's an excerpt from page 5 of that article:

"Stewardship Season 2007
On Gratefulness

by Christina Creveling

Thank you! Thank you!
"Encourage my soul and let us journey o-o-on." That's the opening of the first song that Rev. D. Mark Wilson, FCCB Gospel Choir Director, taught to the assorted folk who showed up for the first practice a year ago. I was thrilled by this music: the sincerity of the message, the imagery, the force of the voices. This tradition of music is connected to the spirit of life in a way that I had hungered for; actually per-forming it was an additional dimension I couldn't have imagined until doing it. After "Encourage My Soul," we learned "Hallelujah, Salvation and Glory." What a long way from the hymns of my Presbyterian/Episcopalian/Congregationalist back-ground! Since losing my elder genera-tion, the regular hymns of any Christian tradition often make me cry. But this African American tradition of music is so different in structure and in spirit that I don't weep. When we sang the refrain, "the storm is passing over" (sung O-vah), ending with "Hallelu!" I felt, what more could pos-sibly help with the stages of life, crises, and changes that we all experience? The music gives me a focus and a joy that hasn't come to me through any other experience. I am grateful beyond my ability to express it.

I say "thank you" to Stacy Nelson, whose invitation, "Christina, I bet you like to sing!" got me to the very first rehearsals. I'm so grateful to FCCB for forming this choir, for Mark Wilson including us in his ministry, for every single one of us who has shown up again and again to enable this to con-tinue to happen. I am so grateful for my life having been changed by what I experience as a spiritual practice and a physical empowerment".