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Posted By: Grab
12-Apr-07 - 06:17 PM
Thread Name: Instruments on Airlines
Subject: RE: Instruments on Airlines
Been to Greece or Turkey, Gedpipes? Not Lusaka, but sure as hell not London either. ;-) Call it "second-world" then, if you want.

For me, a "first-world" country is one that mostly follows the rule of law. Both those follow the rule of the guy with the gun. Greece is renowned for the police and anyone else in authority arbitrarily fining or charging foreigners and pocketing the money - basically theft. The courts are a farce, which is why most foreigners won't fight it. And that's still miles better than Turkey, where forming a union or speaking out against the government will get you imprisoned, tortured and/or shot.

In the UK and US, baggage handlers are mostly careful because there might be consequences if they aren't. In Greece and Turkey, there's nothing we can do about it - and they know it. I've seen these guys in action!