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Posted By: Slag
13-Apr-07 - 04:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Silliest Name for a City....
Subject: RE: BS: Silliest Name for a City....
I'm BAAAA-aaack!
Truth or Consequences changed their name ( I don't remember the former name) on a dare from the old quiz show by the same title. I think that was still in the days of radio. The earlier TV show hosted by Bob barker may have been responsible. Yup! Crazy name.

How about:
Bug Tussle OK (just south of Muskogee)
Bumble Bee TX
Winona AZ
Swindletown LA
Wee Wah NSW OZ
Weedpatch CA
Pumpkin Center CA
Button Willow CA
Woody CA
Hayfork CA
Whisky Flat CA
Hangtown (now Placerville) CA
Uncle Sam (now Kelseyville) CA

One of the weirdest places I've ever been in is California City. That sounds like an appropriate enough name, doesn't it? It's located just a little northeast of Mojave CA. There are miles of streets and curbs, sidewalks, street signs and other infra-structure but no houses! Well actually there are a few, built miles apart. There are even a few stores sprinkled here and there. I think it was the Dell-Webb Corp. that planned and sold the project to investors but there was a question of fraud and corruptions and the project was stopped and never resumed (ca 1950's).

and there is always Podunk MA!