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Posted By: Grab
28-Mar-00 - 07:46 AM
Thread Name: Bert Jansch Consert,Cambridge
Subject: RE: Bert Jansch Consert,Cambridge
Yep. Bloody good it was too. Mostly folk, with some blues scattered in there. Plus a slightly different and abbreviated version of Anji (played way fast!). Afraid I don't really know his music (apart from Anji) so I couldn't say what all the songs were called. Went on for a while too - must have been on for at least 2 1/2 hours, with a 15-minute-ish interval in the middle.

Guitar work was amazing. He was playing this stuff that no average person would even be able to manage, and singing at the same time. After folk clubs, it's instructive to see just how good the professionals are, and why they're professionals and you and your friends won't ever be. :-)

The sound techs at the Junction weren't too good though - they had his voice miked way too high, so you couldn't hear what he was singing some of the time. He's got a baritone with lots of depth and volume, and that overloaded the speakers.

Well worth the money...