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Posted By: Duke
15-Apr-07 - 10:01 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Danny Kaye Songs
A while back I asked if anyone knew of a Danny Kaye song called the Fish and Chip song. Someone out "there" ran into one of my inquiries and sent me the lyrics. It is a song I remember my grandmother playing for me on her old Victrola.

Here it is!

I got to go and buy a paper full of fish and chips,
I got to go for don't you know I'm barely smacking me lips.
Ow Ow Ow Ow it wet's me appetite,
For I could go on eatin' fish and chips all night.
The wife and kids are waitin' for we're goin' to 'ave a spree,
They've got the salt and vinegar, the kettle's on for tea.
Love a duck I musn't stop for I gotta go 'round the shop,
And buy a paper full of fish and chips.


'Ave a banana, 'ave a banana,    (pronounced "buh naaaaaah na" British style)
You peel the skin off with your fingertips.
'Ave a banana, 'ave a banana,
I'm gettin' a paper full of fish and chips.

Freddie was a fireman, brave without a doubt.
He was the bravest fireman when puttin' fires out.
While workin' on a fire, and the flames was blazin' hot,
He scratched 'is 'ead and the he said,
"BLYME I Forgot !"

(back to the top, repeat first verse once more)