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Posted By: Willie-O
17-Apr-07 - 03:30 PM
Thread Name: Martin 00 wanted.
Subject: RE: Martin 00 wanted.
Good luck with that very specific strictly are you looking for a specific double-O designation, and do you have a particular model in mind?

If a mahogany body is acceptable, this well-known US dealer has a 1925 2-17, 12-fret:

Quite reasonable price too. If his 1950 double-O 18 is too modern for you, I'll accept contributions towards finding it a good home...

I'm looking at the Martin production totals in Longworth's book, the most common OO was always the OO-18, but even of that, there were only 20-100 made each year from 1910 to 1924. 101 in 1920 was the biggest run. Smaller numbers--under 40 per year--of OO-21's and OO-28's were produced then, and very small numbers of OO-42's and OO-45's (read: stratospheric prices for any still existing of the always-collectible higher-model-numbers).

If you go to and search for "Geoff Muldaur" you will find a new line of Martins that seem to be reissues of the qualities you seek. Not cheap but very appealing.

Looking for a ragtime fingerpicking-type special are you?