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Posted By: The Doctor
18-Apr-07 - 02:02 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Where Ravens Feed (Graeme Miles)
Subject: RE: where ravens feed- chords?
The following works for me:
(C)I roam and ramble in (F)lonely (G7)place-(C)s
All (F)in the coolness of the (G7)rain,
Over rolling (C)hill and (F)rugged (G7)moun-(Am)tain,
Over sandy (F)heath and (G7)grassy (C)plain.
And should you (F)ask am I con-(C)tent there
I'd answer (F)'Yes, oh (D7)yes in-(G)deed(G7)'
For my love it (C)is for (F)lonely (G7)place-(Am)s
Where springs leap (F)down and (G7)ravens (C)feed.

The song is in the first book of GM songs. The second book is to be launched at The Grove Folk Club, Leeds, this Friday, with both Graeme and Martyn. Further details on the Grove website.