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Although one of the early BRitish vessels to land in Tasmania was the Lady Nelso, Horatio never wa sinvolved in its discovery, Rapaire.

British felons under commuted death sentences sent to American (Virginia) colonies as indentured labour -- average 700 prisoners per year.

Abel Lasman 'discovers' and names Van Dieman's Land

Australia was 'discovered' by the British (though the Dutch had already named the area New Holland and had experienced at least 15 landings since 1606.) Cook documents location of Australia.

First meeting of Tasmanian Aborigines and Europeans -- Marion du Fresne's French expetition lands, answering stones and spears with a fusillade fatal to at least 1 Aborigine.

Because of American Revolution colonies cease to be useable drain for British prison overflow

the American Declaration of Independence.
by 1802
Established sealing camps on Bass Straits islands -- sealers frequently raid Tasmania for Aboriginal women.

(12 Sept) Lieutentant John Bowen, commissioned to found penal colony and hold VDL against possible French claims, arrives at Risdon Cove on the Derwent with 49 people incl. 24 convicts and 6 free settlers. (Jorgen Jorgenson on crew of Lady Nelson)
(Oct) First attempted escape -- by 7 prisoners. Soon after Lieutentant-Colonel David Collins, having rejected Port Phillip as unsuitable, arrives and founds colony with 268 people at Sullivans Cove (Hobart)
Estimated 2000-4000 Tasmanian Aborigines alive