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Posted By: GUEST,Texas Guest
21-Apr-07 - 01:56 AM
Thread Name: Guitar Strings: Elixir rant - THEY STINK!
Subject: Elixir rant - THEY STINK!
Sorry folks, but I've just got to get this off of my chest - I'm so angry with these guys - they have a sub-standard product that just sells and sells and keeps on selling - I just don't get it.

I first used their "coated" strings a couple of years back on two of my stage guitars and "BAM!" I broke the G-string on each of them. With the first incident I had no choice but to change the entire set (to Martin SP 80/20) right there and dump the elixirs. I blew it off as maybe being my fault, but - I virtually never break strings.
Granted, I do a lot of strumming, very rhythmic with strong emphasis on "2" and "4," but I just don't break strings - except when I play elixirs.

I broke a second G-string on another guitar and then I got hot.
I kept the broken string (replaced it with a Martin SP 80/20) and sent it off to elixir with a angry letter of disappointment in their product. Well, they were not very kind. They basically told me that their product was outstanding, other guitarists around the globe who use their strings don't seem to have the problem and that I should review my playing style and have my guitar bridge checked for rough spots that were causing the string to catch and break. They also included one G-string in the envelope to replace the broken one I sent them. Not a set, mind you - a string! Bastards!

Well, I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I quit using elixir products until a retailer I trade with advised that some of his other customers were having the same problem but only with the
medium gauge strings and not with the light gauge - a curiosity, but
a consistent one accordng to him. So I tried a set of light gauge elixir strings and "BAM!" - the G-string broke. Never; never again, I swore.

Well, having dinner and some shop-talk with a well known folk singer/songwriter last month I commented on the tonal quality of his instrument and he mentioned that he uses elixir strings. Hmmmmmm.

Well, guess what I did? I thought that I might give them another chance, this time using the "nano-web" thinner coated version of their light gauge strings. What happened, you ask? BAM!
The G-string broke on the second day of play right in the middle of a one-hour gig. As it went, I was unprepared and had to finish the set with only five strings. Fortunately I am more singer than guitar player and I got through it.

As far as I'm concerned their product stinks and the way they treat their customers stinks. There is nothing wrong with my guitars and my playing intensity is certainly within "normal" limits and I HARDLY EVER break guitar strings; and, when I do break em' it's an E or B-string - NEVER a G-string! In fact, just thinking about it, the strings I've used for the last year or so are D'Addario (EJ16) medium and light gauge(depending on which guitar) and I cannot tell you the last time I broke one - E or B and NEVER a G!

There, now I feel much better. So, how do you feel about elixir, or any other string, for that matter?