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Posted By: jiva
22-Apr-07 - 06:16 PM
Thread Name: Guitar Strings: Elixir rant - THEY STINK!
Subject: RE: Elixir rant - THEY STINK!
Since discovering Elixirs around 4 years ago, we have used nothing else. Love the long-lasting bright sound after the initial 10 minute playing in.

6 strings: Taylor 810-LTD and Taylor 810 CE light gauge.
12 strings: Taylor 855 extra light.

All guitars at concert pitch, occasionally dropping the 6th (or 11 and 12th) to D. Mostly fingerpicking (no plectrums/picks).

Did try D'addario EXPs on the 810 LTD and took them off within 20 minutes - they sounded dead by comparison. Our favourite performer uses D'Addario EXPs and he's often asked how he gets such great tone/sound... so it's probably as much to do with the player as it is the strings.

In the end it's a matter of preference - you can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.

Best prices we have found are at - we buy strings, capos, tuners etc from them.