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Posted By: Trevor Thomas
23-Apr-07 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: Guitar Strings: Elixir rant - THEY STINK!
Subject: RE: Elixir rant - THEY STINK!
My guitar came with a set of Elixirs. I find them pretty good. I don't need a lot of treble anyway, and leave all strings on and they do last a long time (if you don't break them). I don't usually break strings all that often these days, but funnily enough, broke an Elixir D last week, on a week-old set. Grrrr!

I use Newtone as well - I think they're great. In fact I've been using them on and off since the 80s when they were called Albion. They've always been very smooth. These days I think they're in a different class to all other strings. Not so easy to get hold of, but worth it.

I also find D'Addario and Ernie Ball Earthwood perfectly OK, especially recently. In fact the only time I've had trouble with strings was with Gibson branded strings, a few years ago. I had three sets (which I bought at the same time) and they went dead really fast, and I lots of breakages. Probably a duff batch, but I've never bought any since.