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Posted By: Barry Finn
23-Apr-07 - 05:29 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sheep Crook and Black Dog (Ewan MacColl)
Subject: Sheepcrook & Black Dog
I used to sing this many years ago & now can't seem to remember if I've got all the words & if I've got them right. Surprisingly I couldn't find it in the DT of in any threads. This is what I can remember.

Here's me sheepcook & me blackdog, I give 'em to you
Here's me bag & me budgie I bid 'em all adieu
Here's me blackdog & me sheepchook I leave 'em all behind
Fine Flora, fine Flora, you proved so unkind

Unto my dear Diana these words I did say
Tomorrow we'll be married love, tomorrow is the day
Oh no my dear Willie, my age is to young
One day till our wedding love is one day to soon

I'll go into service if the day ain't to late
To wait on a fine lady it is my intent
An' when into service a year or two more
It's then we'll be married love an' we'll settle down

A little while later a letter did say
That my dear Diana had changed her mind
She said that she'd lead such a contrary life
She said that she could never be a young sheperd's wife

Repeat the first verse

I'm now longer sure if I've got the right words or not and what is a "budgie"

I have a much longer version from Lucy Broadword & J Fuller Maitland's "English Country Songs" (1893) but it's not the same & it doesn't seem to sing the same either.

Anyone have any background on this too?

Thanks Barry