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Posted By: Songster Bob
24-Apr-07 - 12:40 AM
Thread Name: Guitar Strings: Elixir rant - THEY STINK!
Subject: RE: Elixir rant - THEY STINK!
I used to use Elixers, had one set that I changed out after 9 months just to see if the tone would be different with new strings (it was, but not a lot), and never broke a string. When I have broken strings in the past, I always look for sharp edges on the saddle or nut, or some other cause, before I start blaming the strings.

That said, I don't specify Elixers now. I've got a set of SIT (Stay In Tune) strings on my 0-18, and they're fine. Didn't sound too bright when new, like some strings do, and I'm using John Pearse strings on a couple of other guitars. I like them, too, for that "not so new but still good and last a long time) tone. In fact, I'm probably going to go with the Pearse strings unless a bonanza of Elixers falls in my lap or something. I don't get enough from the coated strings to make the extra expense necessary.

But the string-busters should check their instruments, in case there's a rough edge hiding somewhere -- even if only one brand of sring breaks, the other brands may be being weakened at the same spot, and that may affect the tone, tunability, or life expectancy, even if they don't break right away.