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Posted By: Peace
24-Apr-07 - 11:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Help! The computer ate OH & FL votes!
Subject: RE: BS: Help! The computer ate OH & FL votes!
Depends on whether or not Harper gets re-elected. However, there are only 32 million people here and we could use more. I'd give you a sales job on Canada because I love the place, but the short version is this: Our first Prime Minister was Sir John A Macdonald. He still impresses Canadians for two reasons: the CPR which is alternately referred to as what made us a country OR the biggest land grab in history, and his prodigious bar bills. That man could DRINK! As a rule, we are really proud to have had him as our first Prime Minister.

Depending upon where you decide--if you do--to move to, the 'climate"--we call it weather--can range from hot to severe cold. It is worse when you leave the house.

Our beer is often bad. That's because we allow beer companies to get away with selling crap. We are a gullible people. We believe what the commercials say. And we tend to trust our government people because if they steal too much we throw the bums out.

That aside, if you message me, I'd be glad to try and answer questions you might have about this place.