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Posted By: Mooh
30-Mar-00 - 09:04 AM
Thread Name: Teens. The next generation...
Subject: RE: Teens. The next generation...
Welcome aboard Coley! I was born in the fifties, which qualifies me as permanently teenaged. I'm more idealistic, and no more responsible than when I was 16, but I am more experienced, whatever that's worth. I don't plan on getting old, ever, and I plan to live forever. There's always gonna be stuff I miss, regardless of my chronological age, that's why I need folks like you, and maybe that's why you need folks like me.

Your perceived absence of youth on this site might be caused by the intelligence of the contributors. My own kids are much more worldly than I was at their age, and I hope it works to their advantage in life. I hadn't tried to attach ages to each writer here, now it's gonna be fun to try.