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Posted By: Arthur Caldicott
02-May-07 - 06:42 AM
Thread Name: Bunkhouse in Vancouver
Subject: BS: Bunkhouse in Vancouver
My friend Richard said we've gotta go to the Bunkhouse. Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee are playing.

We were so cool. And so excited. And I was so blowing my first year at UBC.

Too much time reading poetry, growing my hair, being cool. Cruising in Tom's convertible. Tom driving, me in the middle, Richard on the right. Richard would duck so his head couldn't be seen, making it look like I was cuddling up to Tom. Tom would freak, screech to a halt, yell at Richard not funny... Then we'd drive into the White Spot on Granville or Georgia, eat, see and be seen, and cruise some more.

According to Google, in 1967 the Bunkhouse owner, Les Stork, got himself in some trouble with the Vancouver morality cops - he had topless waitresses in the Bunkhouse. By then I was on the road, freezing my nuts hitchhiking in Golden and Gull Lake and Winnipeg in a futile attempt to get to Montreal for Expo.

It took a couple of attempts, but eventually I found myself heading down to Kentucky with Steve from Vernon, sampling psychedelics in East Lansing, camping out on Avenue Road, and blissing out on music and marijuana at the 1967 Mariposa.

Oops, back to the Bunkhouse, circa 1964 & 1865. In my recollection, it was the only place in Vancouver that beat music, folk music, avant-garde jazz were being played.

In my recollection, it was on Seymour Street. But maybe it was on Davie, or Granville. In my recollection, it was as close as Vancouver ever got to the clubs Bob Dylan broke out in in New York City.

What I'm looking for here are Bunkhouse stories. Anybody here, who was there? If you remember...