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Posted By: Rog Peek
02-May-07 - 11:36 AM
Thread Name: Contrived Pub names
Subject: RE: Contrived Pub names
Back in the sixties (the post Beaching era) in Malmesbury, Wilts they changed the name of 'The Station' to 'The Flying Monk' after Elmer the monk, who made himself a pair of wings and flew off the top of Malmesbury Abbey. I believe the first recorded instance of man flying. They say he flew quite a distance, mostly downwards, although he did land some distance away breaking both of his legs.
The pubs name was changed following a re-enactment of Elmers flight by the army, via a line stretched from the top of the Abbey to the ground to celebrate an anniversary of the original event.

The pub name was quite unique and sadly the pub has gone now, making way for a housing development.