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Posted By: Greg B
02-May-07 - 10:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Joan Baez kicked out of Walter Reed
Subject: RE: BS: Joan Baez kicked out of Walter Reed
Art, John Mellencamp (formerly Johnny Cougar when in the grip
of the record industry, then John Cougar Mellencamp, then John
Mellencamp) is an iconic performer--- what Bruce Springsteen is
to New Jersey, John Mellencamp is to the American 'heartland.'

He's pretty left-wing, but in a very classical 'populist' sense.

He's kind of like Woody Guthrie, Springsteen, Cisco Houston, and
Elvis all rolled into one. Damned good, and respectable, and seems
loved by folks on the left and on the right. c.f. "Ain't That

Anyway, I agree with others, and it seems like Joan herself---
it isn't the 'time and place' for her. She is who she is, and
can't/won't check her politics at the door.

Some kid that's had his legs blown off by an IED in Baghdad doesn't
need a symbol of the futility of war to come sing to him. Not while
his stumps are still oozing. He'll come to that view in his time, if
it's to be.

I'd say the same thing if Pete Seeger, whom I love dearly, were in
the same situation. Time and place, folks.

These guys need healing, not doubt about what it was all about,
at this point.

Can't be making the same old mistakes we made with the VietNam vets,
beating on them for what their country persuaded them to do.