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Posted By: mouldy
03-May-07 - 05:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: Driving to Mongolia in a Nissan Micra
Subject: RE: BS: Driving to Mongolia in a Nissan Micra
My recently departed husband would have been applauding you!
The first jaunt he did was a drive (with me and the kids) from just south of Jo'burg to Nottingham. We did it quickly in about 4 months.

Several years ago, after a dire trip flying from Siberia to Kyrghyzstan, which took 24 hours, he bought a 1983 1.8 Scirocco-engined VW Golf, that had just been imported from Germany to Bishkek, and used it to drive back to Kemerovo, across the Steppes. He ran it for a year in Russia on Kyrghyz plates, but then had to drive it back to Bishkek as he was only allowed a year without re-registering it. He then, for several years, paid a guy he knew there $100 a year to look after it, and kept nipping back when he could for ski trips and the like, and to give the car a run. Shortly afterwards he went to work in Northern China and thought it would be a good idea to try and import it, as he didn't like the choice of pool cars they were being offered. Unfortunately the Chinese said it was too old. He had planned to drive it over the mountains and through Kashkar, on the old Silk Route and over to Shenyang. However he hired a driver and took it to the border, visited Kashkar, and then did the rest by public transport.
He only went back another one time to visit his Golf in Bishkek, and then sadly decided he had to sell it. He ended up getting more for it than he had originally paid.
A year or so later he took his own car over to Bosnia so that he could load all his stuff into it at the end of the project, not have to pay to transport it, and also to have a good holiday on the journey both ways as well. Of course he managed to wreck its sump up a mountain, but he still got it down and repaired ok.

Good luck with your journey, and have a wonderful time. Just learn patience and will need plenty of it at times. Ian managed to get away with all sorts of motoring offences when he was actually working in Bishkek (in the pre-Golf days) because the lucky beggar managed to get diplomatic immunity!