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30-Mar-00 - 11:10 PM
Thread Name: Lyr req: seven days are in the week (answered)
Subject: Lyr Add: ALMOST EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE (Colum Sands)
Colm Sands

Chorus Seven Days are in the week,
In almost every circumstance.
Aye, and four seasons in the year;
That's what we learned at school.
But never count your chickens
when you're dealin' with the women.
For many's tha wise men went to sleep,
And wakened up the fool.

The first time that I met my love,
'twas on a Monday mornin'.
The second time I saw her,
was on Tuesday afternoon.
But when we kissed on Wednesday,
I could hardly wait for Thursday.
But I can tell you now me boys
that Thursday never came.


My Love she took the winter time,
and changed it into springtime;
I never thought that love could change
the world so much before.
She took my heart and in return
she promised me the summer time.
But I can tell you now me boys,
summer never came.


Should be played in DAGDAD

Happy Days!