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Posted By: JennyO
07-May-07 - 09:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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John suggested I post his song "Trainghosts". I can't find a soundbite of it unfortunately - it's a great song! It starts off with a steam train whistle, and the driving 12 string guitar accompaniment is evocative of the rhythmic beat of a steam train rolling along:

TRAINGHOSTS - © John Warner 10/10/92

Where the surf breaks by Kilcunda, there's a Ti-tree covered ridge,
Where the coal trains from Wonthaggi crossed a timber trestle bridge.
The wooden decks are rotting and there's no safe place to stand,
It's grey and weathered pilings have been grained by blowing sand.
Bass Strait's wind moans in the fencelines like a ghostly voice in pain
Like the wailing of the whistle of the westbound Melbourne train.

Coal from the earth, water, air and fire,
The prophet's cloud of rolling smoke forever clawing higher,
The mighty exhaust pounding as the steamer fights the grades,
Now the lines are derelict, the ghostly memory fades, the ghostly memory fades.

There's a line up to Jumbunna where the dairy cattle graze,
Bluegum sleepers lie decayed and fencelines cross the ways.
Along the great embankments rusting rails may still be seen,
But saplings grow among them and the grass is rich and green.
Once the Baldwins scaled these ranges with a pulse that shook the ground,
And they'd stall upon these gradients and their wheels scream wildly round.

The memory is haunted by the iron whistle blast,
The shouting children waving as the morning train rolls past,
The fireman glaring forward through South Gippsland's driving hail,
The jingle of the couplings and the rhythm of the rail.
Here's a rusting iron dogspike and a leaning crossing gate,
And I'm standing in the cutting, knowing that I'm years too late.