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Posted By: leeneia
07-May-07 - 09:57 AM
Thread Name: Help: Greensleeves the real composer?
Subject: RE: Help: Greensleeves the real composer?
"I also have seen the suggestion that "greensleeves" was a nickname for a promiscuous girl (grass stains on her sleeves)."

Take it from a girl - if you do it on the grass, you don't get up with stains on your SLEEVES.

Why is it that some people have to turn every woman mentioned in literature into a whore? Reading Mudcat threads, we hear that Sweet Molly Malone (who was imaginary) is The Tart with a Cart. We hear that the woman in Raglan Road was a prostitute, though there's no evidence for that. Now Greensleeves is a slut.

Give it a miss!

I stand my my slieve theory, above.
As for Henry VIII's supposed authorship, the main reason for discrediting it is that there are no contemporary references. If an autocrat like Henry had written a playable song, his courtiers would have fawned, doted, lavished praise and recorded it in all their diaries. It would have been in all the newspapers, had their been newspapers.

I for one am glad that he has no connection to this beautiful song.