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Posted By: BlueJay
31-Mar-00 - 02:41 PM
Thread Name: Help: Advice on Hollow Body Guitars
Subject: RE: Help: Advice on Hollow Body Guitars
'Spaw, I beg to differ. There's a new pickup out by a company called Pick-Up The World, which is absolutely lifelike. A piezo-type, but made of a different material than your ordinary one's. It really is a better mousetrap. A friend put one on his cello, and said: "It sounds just like my cello, only louder". I have three, on six and twelve string guitars, and my autoharp. (I've decided thatmy mandolin is too cheap to try and amplify). You have to use a pre-amp, as with any passive pickup. But with a good amplifier or p.a., the sound is truly natural, I've never heard better. Much less problematic than trying to use a microphone, with feedback and all, and having to stand in one place. The frequency response is wider than most mikes. A drummer friend put some on his drums. It's the only viable amplification device, (other than mikes, a soundman's worst dream), for drums as you can just stick them on. He is amazed at the new variety of sounds available to him. I haven't tried it, but they seem to also work well on the soundboard of pianos, again minus the problems of microphones. I mentioned Pick Up The World awhile back in another thread. I think it's worth a trip to their web site. I'm pretty bad at HTML, but it worked on the other thread, so click here If I had a Gibson 335, this is how I would try to coax an acoustic sound out of an electric.